Osteopaths cleared of inadequate clinical investigation/treatment and failure to respond to neurological symptoms

The registrant was jointly charged with another osteopath regarding various allegations relating to a patient who alleged a severe reaction during a routine treatment. The patient was being treated for hip and leg pain and alleged that during treatment by two osteopaths he was showing signs that should have prompted further neurological assessment and emergency […]

Chiropractor found not guilty of Unacceptable Professional Conduct for excessive treatment case

This was yet another case in a long line of cases where the GCC alleged over treatment and/or excessive treatment plans without clinical justification. This case involved a complaint by a patient after a chiropractor had recommended a course of 34 treatments. The allegation involved various complaints including a failure to assess and reassess the […]

Principal Chiropractor found not guilty of unacceptable professional conduct for dishonesty when handling a patient complaint against a colleague

Whilst the Professional Conduct Committee found that the facts of this case did not ultimately amount to UPC, this case is warning to principals when dealing with complaints against their fellow colleagues. The case involved the head of the practice who had received a complaint of a sexual nature against one of his colleagues and […]

British Chiropractor Cleared of inappropriate HVLA adjustment in Spain

This case is a salutary lesson to chiropractors practising abroad but still registered with the GCC. Despite extensive legal argument regarding the question of the jurisdiction, the PCC found that a chiropractor treating patients in Spain whilst registered as non-practicing in the UK still fell under the regulatory umbrella of the GCC in the UK. […]

Chiropractor found not guilty of all non-admitted charges relating to inappropriate diagnosis/treatment and non verifiable use of light therapy

This case involved a patient who claimed the chiropractor told her she was suffering from central nervous system impairments and claimed to use light therapy to treat the conditions. These claims were always denied by the chiropractor. The Professional Conduct Committee found that the patient lacked credibility and was mistaken in certain aspects of her […]

“Chiropractor acquitted of all allegations regarding dishonesty, excessive treatment plan, inadequate examination, inappropriate clinical treatment and consent”

Patient A suffered from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and was saw the the Registrant to relieve back/shoulder pain and headaches. The GCC called expert evidence to say that in light of the patient’s JRA, a more thorough examination including x-rays should have been carried out and that HVLA adjustments were contraindicated. The Patient also complained that […]

Osteopath Admonished (for record keeping) after a two year battle to secure a fair hearing – Character evidence at fact stage initially ruled inadmissible

An osteopath who was originally charged with administering inappropriate HVT to a hyper-mobile patient along with various allegations of lack of consent and examination/diagnosis was finally admonished for a record keeping admission after a two year battle to persuade GOsC to admit character evidence at the facts stage. The original committee ruled that the osteopath […]

Administrative Court Judicial Review overturns the decision of the PCC to list a case when the defence expert is unavailable

This case concerned a chiropractor who amongst other allegations was alleged to have used a technique called Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) which required regular x-rays. The GCC alleged that the technique was unjustified and the risk to over exposure of ionizing radiation outweighed the benefits of the technique. The PCC set the hearing date for a […]