Chiropractor Cleared of Misleading Advertising Claims – Case dismissed at half-time

In a case involving two sets of complaints from the “Good Thinking Society” relating to the Registrant’s website, the Professional Conduct Committee of the General Chiropractic Council dismissed the case at half time after hearing evidence from the GCC’s own expert under cross-examination that the actions of the Registrant could not amount to Unacceptable Professional Conduct.

The case involved complaints regarding content on the Registrant’s website claiming that chiropractic could be effective for the treatment of various conditions including ADHD, Asthma, Fever, Cardiovascular function, Cold and sickness, depression, sleeping habits, infertility problems, vitamin D deficiency and infection control. The Registrant had outsourced the website to a reputable third party web design company who regularly posted blogs regarding these conditions. On learning of the complaints the Registrant removed the articles promptly. Notwithstanding the responsibility of each chiropractor to manage and maintain the content of their own websites, regardless of whether it was outsourced, all experts agreed that the chiropractor had reacted responsibly and as such could not be capable of crossing the serious threshold required for a finding of UPC. The case was therefore dismissed before the Registrant was required to give evidence.