Therapist cleared of sexually motivated conduct in private life by the General Chiropractic Council

This case concerned the daughter of a chiropractic patient who made a complaint against a therapist who was counselling her in a non-chiropractic setting.

Despite the fact the patient was not a chiropractic patient the General Chiropractic Council decided that they had jurisdiction to hear the case as a regulated professional can still undermine the public confidence in their profession by the way they conduct themselves in their private life.

In this particular case the patient made allegations that the therapist had tried to kiss her and touched her in inappropriate and intimate places which the therapist strenuously denied. The Professional Conduct Committee preferred the evidence of the therapist and dismissed the allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Committee did however still find that the therapist’s conduct amounted to unacceptable professional conduct in that he should not have treated a vulnerable teenager at his home in circumstances which they described as ill-judged and ill-advised. The therapist was admonished which was the lowest sanction possible.

This case is a good reminder that regulated professionals must maintain the highest standards not just in their public but also in their private lives.