Osteopath who “communicated with stillborn child” not guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

This case concerned an allegation of an osteopath who was purporting to communicate with the first stillborn child of two bereaved parents through their second born baby during a routine appointment.

This client was originally represented by another lawyer. The case was found proved after a contested hearing before the Professional Conduct Committee of the General Osteopathic Council who subsequently referred the case to the Health Committee to consider if the osteopath’s fitness to practise was seriously impaired by reason of her mental or physical health.

At this stage the client changed representation and instructed John Williams at Bankside Law who instructed counsel, Jonathan Goldring. Bankside Law were able to secure a joint instruction with GOsC of a consultant psychiatric expert who concluded the client was fit to practice. The matter was then remitted back to the Professional Conduct Committee to consider whether the facts previously found proved amounted to unacceptable professional conduct. Jonathan Goldring persuaded the Committee that they did not and the case was dismissed.