Coroner’s Hearings

Jonathan is an experienced inquest lawyer regularly acting for bereaved relatives and health professionals appearing before the Coroner’s Court.

Attending a Coroner’s Court with or without an experienced lawyer can be a daunting experience at best for most people. Pre-inquest disclosure is an important part of the process that is often overlooked by parties who represent themselves. Most people do not realise for example that a Coroner is under no obligation to disclose material unless asked. Moreover when disclosure is refused by a Coroner, parties rarely know what they can do about it. Similarly many people do not appreciate that a failure to disclose material to a coroner when formally requested can have severe consequences, even criminal sanctions. With little or no disclosure being common practice at some Coroner’s Courts a good lawyer can relieve some of the extra uncertainty during coroners inquests. A skilled advocate can also ask the questions you want the answers to and do so in a way you are more likely to get them.

A good starting point if you want to understand some of the basics are the Coroner (inquests) Rules 2013.

Examples of work

Jonathan has represented numerous interested parties in the Coroner’s Court including families and doctors.

These are a handful of the more notable Coroner’s cases Jonathan has been instructed in :

  • Acting for the parents of a young man who drowned in a canal when riding home after a work xmas party.
  • Representing the parents of young boy run over in a traffic accident outside his own house.
  • Representing the family of man restrained by a shop keeper until the police arrived.
  • Acting for a consultant neurosurgeon when his team failed to provide a patient with DVT stockings after an operation.
  • Representing a Registrar who sent a patient home who was suffering from renal failure.
  • Acting for a psychiatrist who prescribed the wrong medication to a suicidal patient.
  • Representing a GP who failed to notice the symptoms of pneumonia.
  • Acting for a GP who accidentally prescribed an increased morphine dose to an elderly patient.
Coroners Court Experienced Lawyer

Knowing how to balance the inquisitorial and adversarial process whilst ensuring sensitivity is key to smooth progress and outcomes at these types of hearings. Jonathan’s background in criminal and professional disciplinary law gives him real advantage in this arena.

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