4 Osteopaths cleared of lacking integrity and UPC for not holding Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Jonathan Goldring, instructed by Paul Grant of BSG Solicitors represented three of four osteopaths who appeared before the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) in connection with a failure to hold the correct professional indemnity insurance. This was a joint hearing with all the cases being heard at the same time. The joinder was due to a […]

Chiropractor cleared of instilling fear, undermining a GP and encouraging parents to lie

Chiropractor A is a well respected paediatric chiropractor with over 20 years experience. She was charged with a number of allegations including instilling fear in the parents of Baby A by advising them that their baby was missing four primitive reflexes and might suffer learning difficulties later in life if they weren’t addressed. It was […]

Chiropractor avoids Interim Suspension for Sexual Relationship with Former Patient

A Chiropractor alleged to have had a sexual relationship with a former patient avoided a suspension today. Chiropractor “A” was said to have developed the relationship when the patient was still attending the clinic. He was described as “..abusing his position as a chiropractor to manipulate woman into having sexual intercourse with him“. Jonathan Goldring, […]

Chiropractor avoids interim suspension at the General Chiropractic Council

Chiropractor “A” received a complaint alleging inappropriate and sexually motivated behaviour towards a patient. The case concerned a female patient who complained that she had been asked to kneel on all fours on the treatment bench in her underwear whilst being examined. There were also allegations of an inappropriate text message and comments made during […]

Osteopath avoids being “struck off” after pleading guilty to perverting the course of Justice.

An osteopath who had been convicted in the Crown Court for perverting the course of justice and sentenced to 6 months in prison, suspended for 18 months, was spared erasure by the Professional Conduct Committee of the General Osteopathic Council. Osteopath A pleaded guilty to providing false details for a speeding offence back in 2018. […]

Chiropractor returns to unrestricted practice after 12 months Conditions of Practice Order.

Jonathan Goldring instructed by John Williams of Bankside Law persuaded the Professional Conduct Committee of the General Chiropractic Council to revoke a conditions practice order that required the chiropractor to submit to quarterly audits at his practice by a GCC appointed auditor. In 2018 chiropractor “A” was cleared of numerous allegations arising from three separate […]

Osteopath who “communicated with stillborn child” not guilty of unacceptable professional conduct.

This case concerned an allegation of an osteopath who was purporting to communicate with the first stillborn child of two bereaved parents through their second born baby during a routine appointment. This client was originally represented by another lawyer. The case was found proved after a contested hearing before the Professional Conduct Committee of the […]

Chiropractor cleared of historic allegations dating back to 2012.

Chiropractor A received a notification of complaint “out of the blue” concerning his treatment of a patient 7 years earlier in 2012.The complaint alleged that chiropractor A had come to the wrong diagnosis and treated Patient A without taking into account certain neurological findings and the possibility of root nerve involvement. Further allegations were made […]

Chiropractor cleared of inappropriate sexual relationship with a former patient and dishonesty.

This case concerned a chiropractor who started a sexual relationship with a former patient. The allegation was aggravated by the fact the chiropractor’s boss and employer reported the relationship to the General Chiropractic Council under the whistleblowing provisions and also alleged that the chiropractor had lied to the clinic about the relationship continuing. Dishonesty and […]

Therapist cleared of sexually motivated conduct in private life by the General Chiropractic Council

This case concerned the daughter of a chiropractic patient who made a complaint against a therapist who was counselling her in a non-chiropractic setting. Despite the fact the patient was not a chiropractic patient the General Chiropractic Council decided that they had jurisdiction to hear the case as a regulated professional can still undermine the […]