Fitness to Practise lawyer fees can vary considerably. A lot will depend on whether you are instructing a solicitor, a barrister or both. Every case is different and the amount of work that needs to be done will vary depending on the complexity and the volume of evidence. Barristers and solicitors have different skillsets and the two roles can be significantly different.

Sometimes when the case is relatively straightforward the client may wish to contact the barrister directly. However when a lot of preparatory work need to be done and the case requires expert advocacy, it is often best to get a solicitor and a barrister involved as the two roles compliment each other well. Jonathan will discuss this with you during an initial consultation.

A barrister and/or fitness to practise lawyer normally charge their fees in one of two ways. Either they bill on an hourly rate for conferences, advice, preparation and hearing time. Alternatively they can give an all inclusive quote for will be for the whole case from start to finish.

Fitness to Practise Lawyer Fees

As a general rule of thumb, a fixed fee fitness to practise case that lasts for 5 days might cost on average between £8,500 – £10,000 + VAT from start to finish. This example would not include the solicitor’s fees. In a “barrister only” case it would include all preparation, conferences, advice, written work and attendance at hearings.

Initial Chat

The first telephone consultation is free and will be an opportunity to discuss the general nature of the case. This will also include the likely fees and whether the client wish to formalise their instructions. It is also an opportunity for the client to ask any questions about their case. Please note that formal legal advice is not provided at this stage.

If the client chooses to go ahead they will need to sign a “client care” letter. This sets out the work that needs to de done. It will also include a fee estimate or fixed fee and a contract between the client and the barrister. The client may be asked to pay some money “on account” before work commences. This is normal. Jonathan uses a third party account called a “bar escrow facility” or “BARCO” to ensure all client funds are secure and safe.

To arrange a free consultation please call 020 7526 4825 or email Jonathan at info@regulatorydefencelawyer.co.uk