Jonathan has defended numerous high profile and lengthy GMC fitness to practise cases involving hearings against Consultants, Registrars, junior doctors and GP’s charged on a wide range of disciplinary matters.

With considerable experience representing doctors appearing before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) at the General Medical Council (GMC), Jonathan has successfully represented doctors at interim orders tribunals, contested fitness to practise hearings, review hearings and appeals to the Administrative Court.

GMC Fitness to Practise Hearings

Jonathan believes that proper representation at the initial stages of any complaint is the key to efficient resolution of cases . Ensuring the client is properly advised at the outset gives them the best chance of meeting this challenging experience. This is particularly important at the GMC when doctors reach what the lawyers call the “Rule 7” stage. This is when doctors provide their written representations about the case and they only get 28 days to do this. Knowing what to say and sometimes what not to say can be key to the eventual outcome of the case. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get some solid legal advice.


Jonathan has been representing doctors at the GMC for over 10 years now. As a result he is intimately familiar with the law and procedure and can help doctors navigate the unfamiliar territory of the MPTS. Jonathan has defended every level of practitioner from FY1 to Consultant Surgeons. He has represented them at internal disciplinary investigations; the MPTS fitness to practise hearings; the Crown Court and at Coroner’s Court.

Some of the notable cases he has been involved in include a GP charged with 16 counts of sexual assault, a Consultant General Surgeon accused of removing a healthy ovary, a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon accused of clinical incompetence and a Consultant Neurosurgeon involved in a Coroner’s case where a patient had died because no DVT stockings had been provided. He has also represented numerous more junior doctors accused of fraud/dishonesty, sexual and and drugs offences. Jonathan has particular expertise in cases where there is a cross-over between criminal allegations and regulatory disputes. This is in part due to his earlier background as a criminal barrister.

If you are a doctor and facing a complaint against you or your practice or have a GMC fitness to practise hearing, call Jonathan on 020 7526 4825 or email for a free no obligation initial consultation.