GOSC complaints against osteopaths – Jonathan Goldring is one of the most experienced barristers in the UK to represent osteopaths before the General Osteopathic Council.

Jonathan has considerable experience representing Osteopaths when complaints are made against them to the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). He also represents clients on appeal against Fitness to Practise decisions at the Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal.

GOSC complaints against osteopaths

Navigating the law and procedure in disciplinary proceedings before the General Osteopathic Council can be a daunting experience for clients. Jonathan has unrivalled knowledge in this arena. He previously sat as a Legal Assessor on the Investigating Committees, Health Committees and Professional Conduct Committees at GOsC advising panels as to the relevant law and procedure. He is intimately familiar with every aspect of the rules and procedures that govern this regulatory body.

Jonathan is a firm believer that early intervention and smart choices are crucial to the final outcome. Clients will often need advice at the Investigating Committee stage when osteopaths make written representations about the case. Knowing what to say and more importantly what not to say can be the difference between success and failure.

Equally as important as the initial advice is good preparation before and high quality representation during hearings. The importance of knowing your audience and knowing your opponent also can not be underestimated. Jonathan is a regular on the GOsC circuit so he is very familiar with most of the key players!

Types of Cases

Jonathan receives instructions from the two leading solicitors in this field to represent osteopaths in a range of matters. He has represented osteopaths who have had GosC complaints against them for dishonesty, insurance lapses, criminal conviction cases, sexual impropriety and allegations of clinical incompetence and conduct that often involve complicated expert disputes.

To see some of Jonathan’s recent osteopathic cases search for the term “osteopath” on this website.

If you are facing a complaint or have a GCC fitness to practise hearing, call 020 7526 4825 or email info@regulatorydefencelawyer.co.uk.